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Zero Zero Robotics Hover 2 Portable 4K Drone | The Drone That Follows Itself | MaxStrata

Zero Zero Robotics

Zero Zero Robotics Hover 2 Portable 4K Drone | The Drone That Follows Itself | MaxStrata

$ 599.00 USD

Are you ready to take your photography and videography game to the next level? With the Hover 2 Portable 4K Drone, you can capture incredible aerial shots and videos with ease. This powerful and easy-to-use drone comes with an Omni-Follow feature that lets it automatically follow you around, so you can focus on getting the perfect shot, whether positioned in front, behind, or to the side of the subject. It also features 360-degree obstacle avoidance, making it perfect for capturing action-packed videos and photos without having to worry about crashing into things. With its compact and lightweight design, you can take the Hover 2 Portable 4K Drone anywhere you go, so you'll always be able to capture those perfect moments. Up to 23 minutes of flight time.

Hover 2 Portable 4K Drone from Zero Zero Robotics can make your life's films look like they were taken by a pro. The Hover 2 provides a wide variety of automatic flight modes, as well as accurate moving subject tracking, even if obscured by the environment. Using a 2-axis gimbal with electronic image stabilization, you can capture crisp hi-res 12MP stills or videos at up to 4K resolution. You also get a choice in how you pilot the drone, with three controller options. With a foldable design and enclosed propellers, you can take the Hover 2 almost anywhere, let it take off from your hand, and grab it out of the sky when you're finished. It's like having your personal photographer.

360 Degree Obstacle Avoidance

A series of algorithms and internal technology can map out the terrain around the Hover 2 as it flies, avoiding obstacles to keep itself safe as it films your adventures.


AutoFrame consists of four automatic modes you can select with a single tap, instructing the Hover 2 on what to prioritize and frame as it snaps an aerial selfie:

  • Waist-Up: This will take a photo of you, centering you in the frame from the waist up.
  • Full Body: This will take a photo of you, centering your entire body in the frame.
  • Backdrop: The Hover 2 will pull away to prioritize the scenery as it takes a photo of you.
  • Birds-Eye: This mode will have the Hover 2 take a photo of you from a birds-eye view.


Record a video of yourself or someone else as they move. With Omni-Follow, you can choose how the Hover 2 will track its show. It can fly in front, behind, or to the side of the subject. It can also orbit, pointing the camera at the subject in the center, or the Hover 2 can do the opposite, and pivot in place and film the subject as it moves around the drone.


Choose from four different pre-programmed flight patterns for a unique look to your videos:

  • Orbit: This mode will have the Hover 2 perform an orbit around a subject, always keeping its camera pointed inwards while filming.
  • Surge: This mode will have the Hover 2 starts close and then slowly pull away as it films.
  • Ricochet: A more dynamic mode, this has the drone flying towards the subject, then quickly making a half-orbit to the other side, then flying away. All while filming the subject.
  • Reveal: This has the drone low to the ground, flying backward as it films a subject, then slowly getting faster and higher, revealing first the subject, and then the scenery around them.

Accurate Tracking

The Hover 2's tracking system can determine the environment and direction of a moving subject. So if a subject moves behind something and breaks the tracking, the Hover 2 will continue to move in that direction and re-establish a lock when the subject comes back into view.

Three Methods of Control

Out of the box, the Hover 2 can be controlled via the free Hover 2 app and your compatible smartphone or tablet, but two other optional methods of control are available. The optional BlastOff Remote is a traditional twin-stick style controller and offers the longest range of up to 3.1 miles. The optional Palm Pilot is a TV remote-style controller for one-handed operation and has a range of up to 394'. When using your phone or tablet with the app, you can not only control the Hover 2 but can also edit and share the images and videos you take.

  • (1) Zero Zero Robotics Hover 2 Portable 4K Drone
  • (1) Protective Case
  • (2) Intelligent Battery
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) Landing Gear
  • (1) USB Type-C 3.0 Cable
  • (1) Propeller
  • (1) Propeller Guard
  • (1) Screwdriver
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